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Do you feel like you’ve been denied your right to develop spirituality as a gay, or bisexual man?

You’re not alone. I know from personal experience how disappointing it is to find a teacher or community, which looked promising but couldn't deal with me as a gay man. I understand that feeling of isolation, like you have to go it alone. I know it is hard to find other gay men who have found their spiritual path. .

I have a solution that has helped countless gay and bisexual men find their way and explore their spirituality. It’s called Ifa. .

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That’s a question that people the world over have been asking for generations. The answer is simple. You’re here to learn about life, about how you fit, about your gifts and talents, and what you’re meant to do with them. For bisexual and gay men who practice the Ifa philosophy, we call that your destiny. It’s not only about what you're here to do. It’s also about who you are. From our perspective, your gender and sexuality are part of your destiny. They give you a unique perspective that allows you to contribute in ways that only you can.

If you’re curious about what Ifa has to tell you about yourself, your spirituality as a gay or bisexual man, and your unique path through life, then click the link below and sign up for your complimentary Life Path Discovery Session. Let’s explore where you fit in, together.

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How I Deepened My Spirituality as a Gay Man and Became your Gay Guru®

"I spent a lot of years looking for a spiritual community that I could call home. Where I could be honored and accepted for who I am.”

Now I’m Home.

I've explored a lot of spiritual paths in my time. Changing tracks wasn't about getting bored, or giving up when things got tough. It was that as a gay man, things dead-ended for me. Some teachers felt addressing homosexuality wasn't their job. There were others who felt that human sexuality was somehow not spiritual, that being gay or bisexual shouldn’t even be considered an important factor. Others were outright homophobic.

To say I was wary when I first encountered the Ifa philosophy is an understatement. The tradition originated in West Africa, not a very gay-friendly place. Its best-known cousin, Santeria, was born in Cuba. With its deep Catholic roots I couldn't imagine being accepted. But, I was on a mission to uncover a puzzle piece in my spiritual journey as a gay man. Vassa and Phil Neimark, founders of the Ifa Foundation International, seemed to have good heads on their shoulders and good hearts in their chests. I took the plunge.

Here I am a decade later. I’m a senior member of the community, a respected elder, gay life coach, and Gay Guru®. I’ve even met some incredible bisexual and gay men in our Ifa spiritual community who are also practicing the philosophy. I’ve found something in this community that I thought I never would: complete acceptance of me and everything that I bring to the table. Being gay and my spirituality have never been separate. Finally I’m with people who get it.That’s why I know that it is worth your while to explore this beautiful tradition with me.

I encourage you to take the next step in your life by finding your spiritual path as a gay or bisexual man with me. Learn more about my gay life coaching work with countless other gay and bisexual men, and how I’ve helped them lead richer and more fulfilling lives.

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