Your Ancestors.

As in many African traditions ancestor reverence is a very important part of Ifa. We do not consider the ancestors gods. They are energies, remnants of the people who have come before us, whose blood flows through our veins, or whose DNA has made us who we are. We are energetically united with the ancestral pool before we’re born, and some part of our energy returns there after death.The entire lineage, and all of the knowledge and wisdom that it’s members gained while alive, is available to us through this connection.

When we do ancestor reverence we make offerings that remind us of specific individuals who have passed, or of things important to our heritage. They are simply ways to reenforce a connection that is already there.

I’m adopted, so when I reach out to my ancestors I am connecting to a birth family that I have never known. I do connect with my departed loved ones from my adoptive family as well, but the connection is different. It was a very strange experience for me when I started doing it. I had to trust in a completely energetic connection that had no basis in the physical. The connection developed over time.

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Your Guardian Ancestor

At the moment of your conception, along with a number of other things, you found a Guardian Ancestor. This ancestor agreed to join you on your journey, watch over you, and gain their own lessons, and growth, form your experiences. They’ve been there with you, witnessing every moment of your life (yes, I know kind of strange to think about). They’ve been there for you through everything.

Most importantly your Guardian Ancestor is always there for you know, patiently waiting for you to connect and receive their guidance. Your Guardian Ancestor may be male or female regardless of your own gender. Your Guardian ancestor is a blood relative, yes even if you're adopted, who passed away before you were conceived.

I had a lot of invisible friends when I was a kid. I know now that is very common among people with natural shamanic talent. One of them was an adult. I remember him comforting me when I was feeling lost, or frightened. Now I know that he is my Guardian Ancestor who was always there trying to communicate with me. He was a man on my mother’s side who happens to be my biological great grandfather.

You can reach out and connect with your Guardian Ancestor at any time. In order to learn more about who they are it is necessary to do the Ifa Life Path reading where we can determine the gender of your Guardian Ancestor and the side of your family they were from. If you have a list of names it is even possible to find out if any of the names you have is in fact your Guardian.

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