A Look at Spiritual Awakening Through an Ifa Lens.

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August 26, 2020
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When you think about spiritual awakening an ancient shamanic tradition is probably the last thing on your mind. That’s because these ancient traditions didn’t understand the process in the way that we do now. While there is no doubt there have been enlightened humans among us since the beginning, only recently have we evolved sufficiently that enlightenment is possible for many spiritual seekers.

Like many ancient traditions, Ifa hints at the possibility of awakening. When we speak of sitting at the right hand of Olodumare, we’re pointing in the right direction. I‘m a student of Andrew Cohan’s Evolutionary Enlightenment. This approach takes the enlightenment of the Buddha one step further. It proposes that once awakened the human being exists as a pure reflection of what we call the Evolutionary Impulse. They express their true essence at all times.

In this view, the ego is not destroyed when you achieve enlightenment. It’s put in its proper place within consciousness. It becomes a servant to your highest self. Your individuality isn’t lost. It’s empowered to serve the ongoing development of the Universe.

In Ifa terms the moment of enlightenment happens when we sink deeply enough into our own consciousness that we become one with Olodumare. This unity with the ultimate creator rearranges us. As we process the experience we become less identified with our base nature and more aligned with the Evolutionary Impulse.

In Ifa we have a concept called Ori. Ori is the most evolved part of human consciousness. It contains the essence of one’s destiny as well as connections to all the higher energies of the Cosmos. With regular Ifa practice, we become closer to our Ori. It begins to influence our daily lives in powerful ways. It can give us insights into our path. It can help us understand the nuances of our destinies. We see ourselves through the lens of a loving, all-forgiving parent. These things create profound growth. But, they will not lead to awakening.

To truly awaken we must spend time free from the constraints of our egos. While we may experience the Evolutionary Impulse before awakening we can’t truly align with it. There is another aspect to Olodumare, who is none other than awakened consciousness itself. It is referred to as the Ground of Being in Buddhism. While the Evolutionary Impulse is the Universe in action, the Ground of Being is the Cosmos at rest.

If we think of this in Ifa terms we can imagine Olodumare at rest simply basking in the beauty of creation as the Ground of Being. The Evolutionary Impulse would then be Olodumare actively engaged in the infinite unfolding of reality. But what about human consciousness?

The tried and true path to discover the Ground of Being is meditation. Any form of mediation that brings you deep into your core has the potential of awakening you to it. I am currently studying a form of meditation called Direct Awakening with Craig Hamilton. It proposes that awakened consciousness is always available to us. It is waiting just below the surface of our normal mind and can be accessed at any time potentially leading to awakening.

Upon awakening, we merge with our Ori. We then reflect the energy of our pure being into the world. Our destiny path is then clear. We no longer struggle. We simply express our true selves in everything that we do. We begin to become partners with Olodumare in the evolution of the Universe. Certainly striving towards awakening in the highest calling in Ifa as in any spiritual practice.