I Keep Hearing About Connecting. How Does it Work?

A Look at Spiritual Awakening Through an Ifa Lens.
October 4, 2020
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December 1, 2020

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A question I often get from friends, and new clients, when I’m talking about Ifa is “What is “connecting”, and how do I go about doing it?” I thought I’d share some ideas about the topic this month. Most important is to find a way of connecting that resonates with you.

There are as many ways of connecting as there are people. Each of us is a unique matrix just like everything else in the Universe. Matching our connection style to our way of being is the key. As we learn and grow our connections become stronger, and the way we connect will evolve.

Whenever we connect with an Orisa we must stat with Esu. Esu’s main role is to act as a gateway, an intermediary between humans and the other energies of the Universe. For our purposes, it can be as simple as acknowledging his role and asking for assistance.

For connecting with Obatala you could say “Esu-Obatala, open my doors, my paths, and my roads. Connect me to the Obatala matrix, let our connection be strong and true, growing deeper, and stronger each time I reach out to connect. I ask all this with love and respect. Ase, ase, Esu, ase. (Ase means let it be so). I would then proceed with my preferred way of connecting.
At the beginning keep things simple. Sit quietly and use a short prayer to connect. Then see what happens. Pay attention to everything, sounds, sensations, inner dialogue, emotions, visual images, etc. You’ll start to notice distinct patterns. These are guiding you to your most effective ways of connecting. Don’t worry if you can’t figure it out right away. It’ll get more clear with practice.
Once you’ve spent some time you’ll get a sense of how you connect. Then you can start experimenting with different approaches. Eventually, just do whatever feels most powerful for you. You might prefer to reach out in ways appropriate to the energy you’re connecting with. Passionate drumming and dancing for Sango for instance. Trust yourself and whatever feels right.
Over the years I’ve learned what’s most powerful for me. First is breathwork. It’s a great way to build energy that can then flow to through the connection and deepen it. I’ve added chanting of the Orisa names to my breathing which has been very effective for me.
Once the connection is established allow time to experience it. You only need a few minutes. At the beginning, sit still and allow yourself to sense your connection. Pay attention to any messages or insights you receive. This part of your practice will also evolve over time. I’ve recently started to have conversations with the Orisa. Asking for advice regarding challenges I’m having, or for help in areas of that Orisa’s expertise. For instance, if I want more joy in a situation I’ll explain my challenge to Osun and ask her to help me find ways to be more curious and to explore how to create more joy.
The most important thing is to learn to trust yourself. Your way of connecting will be as unique as you are. If you discover new possibilities, try them out. If they work for you, great. If not let them go. The more true it is to you, the more powerful and supportive your spiritual work will be.