But if the Universe is Benevolent, How Could this Happen? A Collective Understanding

But if the Universe is Benevolent, How Could this Happen? A Personal Understanding
May 26, 2020
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What Does an Ifa Practice Look Like?
July 29, 2020

Coronavirus or Flu virus - Microbiology And Virology Concept

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This month we’ll continue to consider the Ifa belief in a benevolent Universe and how it applies to our collective experience of the pandemic. In other to do that we’ll take another look into Ifa’s understanding of how the Universe works.

The reality of the Ifa orientation doesn’t change when we contrast individual and collective issues, but the way we look at them must. Let’s shift our focus to the long-term impact of the crisis on governments and economies around the globe. Let’s also look at things from our largest perspective. What are the impacts to our species and the planet as a whole?

Understanding of the conditions under which the virus evolved will be an important part of that journey. The most challenging issue with finding the truth is the blame that is already being directed at those who we conveniently hold responsible. Truth is difficult to find when we must communicate across languages and cultures. Understanding what happened so that it can be prevented in the future, rather than finding someone to blame, is key. How did it evolve? Some propose that the novel corona virus may have existed as early as summer 2019. Could we have identified it sooner and prevented its deadly march across the planet?

We must stand with good character regardless of our circumstances. To do that Ifa demands that we see a much larger picture than our own country, or culture. Abuse of police power has underscored fundamental flaws in the way that we relate to that whole. If we look at the impact that COVID has had globally one thing is painfully clear. People of color are being impacted much more severely. There is systemic racism operating on a global level. The poorest countries in the world have the smallest Caucasian populations. This injustice is something that we are required to stand against as Ifa followers.

On a more personal level we need to consider the groups within which we’re operating now. How are you relating to those you’re living with. Are you considering the impact your emotions and actions are having on them. Have you tried to expand your circle in order to include single friends who may be suffering from the effects of prolonged isolation? When you are meeting with friends and loved ones are you maintaining social distancing protocols. As hard as it can be they are now part of good character.

Can we sustain the positive practices what we have been engaging in as the months wear on? I’ve noticed fewer people heading to their balconies for the 7:00 pot ringing celebration in honor of those on the front lines. It’s a small example of the things that are starting to slip. We can’t afford to loose site of what we’ve done to keep ourselves safe and sane. If we revert to our old ways we run the risk of the lessons being much more severe next time.

Most importantly we must look at what we’ve learned as countries and as a species. We can no longer afford to move back to the status quo that separates us. We have advanced to a point where our impact is global but our focus is still too self centered. No nation, no people, can any longer stand alone. If we don’t come together and start to heal the deep divisions we may perish as a species. Times of the greatest threat also hold the greatest promise. Let’s rise up in the name of unity, of the equality of all humans, and of the importance of the tiny planet on which we depend. That is the Ifa way.