Ela Orisa of Wisdom in Action

Orunmila Orisa of Wisdom and Knowledge
February 5, 2018
Ori – Your Guide to Your Destiny
April 6, 2018

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Ela Orisa of Wisdom in Action

This month we’re going to be exploring Ela the energy of wisdom in action. Ela is one of the lesser known Orisa even though she is mentioned in a lot of traditional prayers. She is the feminine aspect of Orunmila. .

While Orunmila can be thought of as the network of wisdom underlying the Universe we can think of Ela as the pool of infinite wisdom that resides at its center. We use Orunmila’s energy to travel to the core and access what we need from Ela, who is more like a Universal library. The Ela energy is allows us to synthesize Universal knowledge and wisdom. We can then put what we’ve discovered into action generating practical results in our lives.

Ela is also associated with the Ori, the concept of Higher Self in Ifa. Ela’s energy puts Ori in place during conception. In the traditional Ori prayer we call on Ela to connect us to this most evolved aspect of ourselves. Ori feels like a personal part of Ela’s infinite wisdom. But, we can never fully know Ela. The energy is too vast for us to comprehend.

One of the most powerful Ela qualities is expansiveness. When connect you may feel the energy at the top of your head expanding. The more you connect, the broader and deeper this expansion becomes. It will thereby maximize your growth and evolution.

I find one of the most powerful ways to connect with the Ela energy is through an emptiness mediation. You can start with the prayer below, or for an even deeper experience start with the Journey to Ela Vision Quest. Once you’ve established a connection, simply sit. Allow your thoughts to come and go, stay present to the current moment. If you doze off come back to your awareness of now, and continue. You’ll start to feel like you’re expanding. First the senses, like hearing and vision, will seem sharper, like you’re noticing things much further away. Then, you’ll likely experience a sense of profound peace, or stillness. This kind of practice can drop you below your own consciousness, into a more unlimited awareness. You may even be dropped directly into Ela’s realm, which you’ll only notice once you come back to normal awareness. Any information you access will be stored unconsciously until you need it. Then, it will present itself, when you’r ready to put it into action. .

While connecting with Ela can bring deep spiritual insight, always connect with an open mind. If you can let go of your personal agenda you’ll be able to receive the deeper guidance that you really need rather than limiting yourself to what you think you should strive for during the connection. Allow Ela to bring the perspective of infinite wisdom to you by being open and intending to receive what is best for you, for your highest possible good. You’ll find a prayer to Ela below. For the Journey to Ela Vision Quest click here. This is a Spotify Link. To use another music service search for artist Oluwo Brian Olanipekun.

Click Here for the Prayer to Ela

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