We Have the Power to Heal. But, as With all Things, It has Limitations.

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November 28, 2019
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January 29, 2020

We Have the Power to Heal. But, as With all Things, It has Limitations.

Now that we’ve explored a number of ideas about Ifa practice we have a deeper understanding of the way it works in more modern terms. The next topic I’d like to look at is energy healing. Energy Healing is even more effective if we approach it with the understanding that we’ve built over the last few months.

If we engage in magical thinking we can make the mistake of believing the a physical condition can be addressed, even cured, by metaphysical means. This makes absolutely no sense. Energy Healing can only support the individual’s healing journey. It can be a tremendous aid in healing and recovery but only if the recipient is willing to engage actively in their own healing process. Thinking that you can abuse your body and not worry because you’ll be able to heal it with Reiki is not how the Universe actually works. Without care for body and spirit few people will survive a serious illness.

When attempting to support recovery it is important to consider the energetic alignment required for our work to be effective. There are two issues here. The first is that every experience we have is meant to be a vehicle for our growth. Particularly something as traumatic as as serious illness we must understand the root of the issue as best we can. Only then can energy healing, or modern medicine, help. If someone refuses to understand the lessons involved in their condition they will not receive the full benefit of treatment.

The second thing to consider is that it may be someone’s time. In most of the ancient healing traditions it was understood that the role of the healer was both to assist in recovery, as well as provide ease through transition. Consider how important that role would have been when the availability of substances for pain relief at the end of a difficult journey was limited. In Ifa it is said that there are only two things that are pre-determined. The moment of your birth and the moment of your death. If it is someone’s time nothing can be done to keep them from their journey home to the land of the ancestors.

Energy healing is powerful when it’s operating in its own sphere, at the energetic level. It cam address imbalances in a persons energy field and aid in healing and recovery. There have been many examples of miraculous recovery using various forms of energy healing alone. If conditions are right I have no doubt that energy healing can create astounding changes in a person’s condition.

But, like any other form of healing, it an only be completely effective in very specific circumstances. There is a great danger in believing that energy alone will always take care of issues. Why wouldn’t we use every tool at our disposal to heal ourselves? There is a place for natural medicine, energy healing, and yes Western medicine in helping us live better lives and heal in times of illness. We owe it to ourselves to explore all our options and recognize their value and limitations .

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