About Gay Life Coach Brian Madigan

Discover What Your Best Spirit-Centered Life Looks Like.

I've explored a lot of spiritual paths in my time. Changing tracks wasn't about getting bored, or giving up when things got tough. It was that as a gay man, things dead-ended for me. Some teachers felt addressing homosexuality wasn't their job. There were others who felt that human sexuality was somehow not spiritual, that being gay or bisexual shouldn’t even be considered an important factor. Others were outright homophobic.

To say I was wary when I first encountered the Ifa philosophy is an understatement. The tradition originated in West Africa, not a very gay-friendly place. Its best-known cousin, Santeria, was born in Cuba. With its deep Catholic roots I couldn't imagine being accepted. But, I was on a mission to uncover a puzzle piece in my spiritual journey as a gay man. Vassa and Phil Neimark, founders of the Ifa Foundation International, seemed to have good heads on their shoulders and good hearts in their chests. I took the plunge.

Here I am a decade later. I’m a senior member of the community, a respected elder, gay life coach, and Gay Guru®. I’ve even met some incredible bisexual and gay men in our Ifa spiritual community who are also practicing the philosophy. I’ve found something in this community that I thought I never would: complete acceptance of me and everything that I bring to the table. Being gay and my spirituality have never been separate. Finally I’m with people who get it.That’s why I know that it is worth your while to explore this beautiful tradition with me.

I encourage you to take the next step in your life by finding your spiritual path as a gay or bisexual man with me. Learn more about my gay life coaching work with countless other gay and bisexual men, and how I’ve helped them lead richer and more fulfilling lives.

I’ve been a full-time life coach, and mentor, since 2007. I’ve helped clients: find new careers or enrich the ones they’re in; discover new love or renew a fading relationship; deal with the stresses of day to day living, and of course deepen into the spiritual dimension of life.

But, most of all I’ve helped them sink deep into themselves and discover how to express their truth in the world. Now, I’m applying all of that to my true passion, helping men, just like you. My goal is to help you discover what your best, spirit centred, life looks like and move into it.

I’ve spent my life exploring spirituality, personal development, stress management and about anything else that helps make life better for people. Eventually I started sharing what I’d learned with other people. Holding seminars, teaching mediation, doing energy healing, and transforming people’s lives with my coaching.

About 8 years ago I left a very lucrative corporate career to focus my life, and my business on helping people get to their core and express their real selves out in the world. I love gay and bi men, and for a very long time I’ve wanted to create a community of men committed to supporting each other, shining as bright as we can, growing spiritually and giving our powerful gifts to the world. The Gay Guru® programs are coming out of that burning desire. I believe that together we can create a world where it’s safe to be you, to express yourself spiritually, and walk a positive journey into wholeness.

I started my coming out process at the ripe old age of 14 when I had my first kiss…. which was with a boy BTW. By the time I was 17 I was about as open as I could get about my sexuality. That was 1978. It was tougher back then than it is now, but, with the help of my loving, and eventually supportive parents, a gay youth group that provided peers, and my grandmother’s unconditional acceptance, I made it.

I felt that I would never find acceptance in the Catholic Church where I was raised so that is when I started my explorations of everything else that’s out there as far as spiritual growth is concerned. I bring a lot of experience, good and bad, to the table when we work together. I wish I had that kind of guidance when I started this journey, or anywhere along the way.

I’ve had four major relationships in my life with plenty of dating and sleeping around in between. My three previous relationships were open to some degree. The first lasted about 4 years the other two 9. I’m currently married, and my husband Jack, and I have been in a committed, monogamish, relationship for 12 years. We celebrated our 10th anniversary together with an Ifa wedding. We were already legally married but wanted to take things to a deeper level. While Jack is not an Ifa practitioner, he respects the system and what it brings to our lives. At any rate, a loving relationship is what really matters. The shape it takes is irrelevant as long as the partners share core values. That’s the glue that keeps you together.

I’m sharing all of this with you, because I want you to know that I get you. I’ve been out for a long time. I’ve done a lot. I’ve been through a lot. Wherever you’ve been I can handle it. I can relate to where you are now. I can empathize with what you’re about to go through.

I have a wonderful life with Jack. I’m fortunate enough to be doing work I love. But it hasn’t always been this way.

Because I’m gay I get it …. I’ll be honest ….. your path won’t always be easy. You’ll find out some things that you aren’t comfortable with, but you’ll discover some things you never knew you had in you. It’s time for me to help you learn, grow, and become the man you’ve been dreaming of being.

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