Gay Life & Spirituality Coaching Programs

Gay Life Coaching Programs Focused on Results Rather Than Counting Minutes

I offer coaching in serval different packages depending on the time commitment you’d like to make to the process and what you’ like to accomplish in our time together. The reason I only offer coaching in programs is simple, it allows us to focus on results rather than counting minutes. .

During your coaching program you'll have access to short 15 minute checkin meetings as well as unlimited email support in addition to your regular sessions. If we decide that an extra session is needed we can do that too. Your coaching sessions can be done over the phone, or on Zoom which is a video conferencing service like Skype and is free for you to use.

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The Ifa Discovery Experience

Curious about Ifa, what it’s all about, and what Ifa coaching can do for you? Then this is the program for you. In this 3 month experience you’ll discover your Life Path and begin to learn how to align with it’s energies to create better flow in your life. We’ll help you understand how to connect with the energies you need to bring you back into balance and use some powerful personal growth techniques to move you though resistance, and blockages, that are preventing you from moving forward in life.

Ifa Breakthrough Experience

If your ready for a bigger commitment, and you’d like to dive into a specific area of your life then this is the program for you. In this 6 month experience we’ll delve into how any specific area of your life is working, look at how it relates to the other areas of you life, and to your Life Path. You’ll learn how to get that part of your life in better alignment while we teach you how to connect with the energies you need to bring you into balance. You’ll see powerful, positive, movement towards what you really want in that specific area.

Ifa Immersion Experience

This program is ideal for you if you’re ready to dive in and see how Ifa Coaching can get your life, every part of it, working and in harmony. In this year long experience we’ll look at several areas of your life that you are finding challenging and start to understand why. You’ll be given the tools you need to learn how to connect in order to bring yourself into balance. You’ll also learn techniques that will allow you to shift limiting emotions and beliefs that are holding you back. Our focus will been the big picture of your destiny while getting all the pieces in order. You’ll see a life emerging that you might never have dreamed was possible.