How it Works

Ifa coaching comes in serval different packages depending on what you’d like to accomplish in our time together. You’ll find details about the coaching programs here. The reason we only offer coaching in programs is simple, it allows us to focus on results rather than counting minutes.

During your coaching program you'll have access to short 15 minute checkin meetings as well as unlimited email support in addition to your regular sessions. If we decide that an extra session is needed we can do that too. Your coaching sessions can be done over the phone, or on Zoom which is a video conferencing service like Skype and is free for you to use.

The programs differ in time and finical commitment, but are otherwise structured in exactly the same way:

  • Before singing up for a coaching program you’ll join me for a Life Path Discovery session. It’s a great introduction to me and the work I do. It also gives us a chance to see if we’ll be a good fit to work together.
  • Once you've had your Life Path Discovery Session you’ll sign up for the coaching program that’s right for you. The structure for all of the programs is the same, The time frame, and what we can get accomplished will be different..
  • You’ll receive recordings of all your sessions, including your Life Path Discovery Session, so that you can refer back to them whenever you want to.
  • Your first coaching session will be a detailed review of your Life Path including:
    • Your Guardian Orisa
    • Your Guardian Ancestor
    • Your Life Path Energy, and how that energy affects the different areas of your life (Destiny, Health, Success, Relationships, Family, and Challenges).
    • We’ll talk about how your life path has been playing out in your life so far, and the things you can start doing right away to improve your alignment.
  • Following your initial session we’ll usually meet twice a month (although you’ll have access to short check in phone calls and email support throughout the program).
  • The first monthly session will be focused on Ifa divination to look at your energetic balance and start strengthening your alignment.
  • The second session will be to answer questions, do transformative work, and build a toolset of growth techniques fro you to use on your own going forward.