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May 26, 2021
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August 5, 2021
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We all spend a lot of time at work. As Ifa practitioners, we must align what we do with who we are energetically, and with Ifa’s primary precept of good character.

The success subset in an Ifa life path gives deeper meaning to the work we do. On the day-to-day side, it’s all about making money, the energy that expresses there can help you figure out what you should be doing, as well as what you can learn from it. On the emotional/spiritual side success has an entirely different meaning. It’s about alignment, fulfillment, and contribution. It makes the work we do worthwhile to ourselves, and others.

Because we spend so much time working, what we do for a living is an important part of our destiny path. Ifa adds a deeper understanding of what our careers should bring to our lives. The energies running in our success path are our guide. We’re meant to make a living, support our families, all the while learning and growing along our destiny path.

Many people come to a Life Path consultation hoping to find answers to the big questions. “What am I meant to be dong?” is a common one. But the energies flowing in your Life Path are guides. There are so many ways that you could choose to express them that almost anything you do can be a fit. Ifa points us towards the kind of learning our jobs should be providing. They’re meant to push us to grow personally, as well as professionally.“Right work” in Ifa means expressing your deepest essence and developing your character. That can look like many different things. It’s about finding your path.

Authenticity is a key factor in success on the job. In Ifa terms that means that your career choices should reflect the qualities of your Guardian Orisa, as well as the energies in your success subset. It should also provide enough challenge that you can keep learning and growing. You came here with talents and abilities. Part of your job while here is to discover and use them. It’s also important to develop new skills so that you can maximize your growth. What you do for a living is a powerful opportunity to develop spiritually if you treat it that way.

Deepening our relationship with ourselves, and learning to express ourselves more honestly, are part of the destiny work we all take on. Because being ourselves is more challenging in most work environments our jobs also provide rich opportunities to learn how to be more open, and how to keep appropriate boundaries.

Boundaries can be tough to understand particularly for children of the more outgoing Orisa, Osun, or Sango, for instance. The key is recognizing and respecting your corporate culture and understanding the needs of the people around you. There’s a fine line between being authentic, and oversharing. If you tend to share easily and boisterously then take queues from the people around you to figure out how much is enough.

For children of the quieter Orisa, Obatala, or Ogun for instance, holding back too much can be the issue. If you tend to be more reserved, then push yourself to be a little more open and see how things go.

Our work environments can be fertile fields to develop our authenticity and our character. If we allow Ifa to guide us that rich experience will also bring material success.

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