Ifa Coaching: How Is Ifa Coaching Different?

The biggest difference in the coaching I do with Ifa clients is the spiritual approach. Yes, we’re working on your life, defining what you want, setting goals, and moving you forward. But, we’re doing it all from the perspective of your growth as a person.

Even though we’ll take a more spiritual approach Ifa coaching also deals with practical matters. We’ll look at things from the perspective of the energetic flow around you. It helps you allow that flow to guide you forward when making important decisions. You’ll also start to understand the deeper reasons for the challenges and issues that crop up in your life. You’ll learn to use them as a springboard for growth rather than allowing them to tear you down.

The Energetic Flow Around You Can Help You Make Important Decisions.

As part of your Ifa coaching we’ll be doing divinations. Each reading will give you an opportunity to learn practices that will allow you to bring yourself back into energetic balance.

Beginning to trust where the Universe is telling you to focus is a big part of the process. Understanding that the Universe is benevolent and trying to help you get where you need to go is part of what you’ll learn when we work together.

I’ll also be helping you integrate things like prayer, and meditation into your life as you’re ready. The approach is still based on your needs and where you want to go. The path to get you there will be deeper and far more intimate.

That being said we’ll still do a lot of the things I do with non-Ifa clients. We’ll just call upon all the tools I bring to the table when they’re needed for your journey. The structure is looser and designed to accommodate the flow of your own growth. Our primary goal will always be to maximize growth while helping your life run better.