More pushing through obstacles – Less procrastination using the Energy of Ogun

Yemonja/Olokun the Twin Energies of the Ocean
September 26, 2018
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November 28, 2018

More pushing through obstacles - Less procrastination using the Energy Ogun

This month we’ll continue our exploration of the Orisa with Ogun the Orisa of determination, strength and hard work. Even if many of the qualities of the Ogun energy resonate with you the only certain way to know who your guardian is, would be to have your Life Path read. If you’re interested in taking a big step forward towards living a Purpose Driven Life then click here to sign up for your Life Path Discovery Session.

Ogun is an earthy solid energy not unlike Taurus in western astrology. He repents strength, determination, focus and hard work. One of the most interesting qualities of the Ogun energy is its openheartedness. Ogun is the epitome of the deep, strong, silent type. While most often depicted male, and a very masculine seeming energy, it is important to remember that all Orisa are balanced male and female energy. There is a gentleness to Ogun’s big open heart that shows a softer, more feminine side of the energy.

Ogun is the builder, the blacksmith, the strong physical energy that gets things done. The energy often moves in like a bulldozer clearing everything out of its way. It can help you find powerful focus to the point of putting on blinders and pushing forward. It is important to approach this energy with clear intentions. Once it has been set loose very little could stop it, or move it from its intended path. The clearer you are the better before you set this powerful clearing force in motion.

Ogun’s power place in the forest. The quiet, the huge trees, the raw power of a dense forest all resonate beautifully with this energy. Ogun is often depicted as solitary, preferring the company of his dog to humans or the other Orisa. There is power in solitude and that is something that the energy understands very well. Despite all that, his big open heart makes Ogun a very social energy. Another thing that is crucial to this energy is honesty. When approaching this energy to do so with openness, honesty, and positive intent. Deception, or even sugar coating, can make working with Ogun counterproductive.

There are many things that make great offerings to Ogun. Certainly forest plants, and fungi, particularly if foraged and offered in the forest itself make beautiful offerings. With his association with black smiths, metals are also sacred to Ogun as are the tools, vehicles, and even instruments made from them.

People who have chosen a specific Orisa as their guardian are referred to as children of that Orisa. While they may reflect many of the Orisa’s qualities, they don’t do it perfectly. Human beings are connected to all of the Orisa energies. Each of us has a unique balance based on those connections. That’s why you’ll find that children of any given Orisa are so different.

These are the qualities most often associated with those who have chosen Ogun as their guardians :

  • They have a profound sense of right and wrong.
  • They are offended easily.
  • They enjoy physical things.
  • They prefer small groups to large crowds.
  • They prefer to do rather than talk about doing.
  • They tend towards a strong physique.
  • They are attracted to metals.
  • They prefer woods or mountains to the sea or countryside.
  • They find that others expect them to do things for them.
  • They have trouble sharing their personal feelings.
  • They get fuzzy headed when they find someone attractive.

One would connect with Ogun to bring more drive, focus, physical strength, honesty, and of course open-heartedness into their lives. Ogun is also warrior energy and can protect fiercely if your cause is just.

If you’re looking to push through more of your obstacles and get out of procrastination then connecting regularly with the Ogun energy is the way to go. One of the best ways to connect with the Ogun energy is through the Journey to Ogun Vision Quest that you can access here. This is a Spotify Link. To use another music service search for artist Oluwo Brian Olanipekun.

You can also use this prayer to reach out to the energy. I hope you’ve enjoyed this exploration of Orisa Ogun. Let me know how your connecting goes.

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