Oko- Orisa of Organization

Obatala – Orisa of Clarity
July 31, 2018
Yemonja/Olokun the Twin Energies of the Ocean
September 26, 2018

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Oko Orisa of Organization

This month we’ll continue our exploration of the Orisa with Oko the Orisa of organization. Even if many of the qualities of the Oko energy resonate with you the only certain way to know who your guardian is would be to have your Life Path read. If you’re interested in looking at the choices you made before coming to the planet, including your guardian Orisa, then click here to sign up for your Life Path Discovery Session.

Oko is closely related to the Obatala energy we discussed last month, but the energy is much more assertive and overtly masculine. I’ve heard Oko referred to as Obatala with an AK47. He is still rational but has many warrior-like qualities. Oko is usually represented as male. But, as with all Orisa, he is completely balanced with both male and female aspects. His day is Sunday. His color is white representing purity, keeping things clear, but there is also blue and red in most representations of Oko bringing out both the fiery and nurturing aspects of his energy. Oko is the organizer. He turns wild jungle into fertile farmland. He nurtures things that grow from the earth. He’s also a fierce protector of the structures he’s created.

Oko is associated with insects. He is grounded and strongly connected with the earth. Ants for their industriousness and community structure are one of his creatures. He is most often represented by the scorpion and its powerful sting. Bees with both their organized societies and relationship with plants are among his creatures.

People who have chosen a specific Orisa as their guardian are referred to as children of that Orisa. While they may reflect many of the Orisa’s qualities, they don’t do it perfectly. Human beings are connected to all of the Orisa energies. Each of us has a unique balance based on those connections. That’s why you’ll find that children of any given Orisa are so different.

These are the qualities most often associated with those who have chosen Oko as their guardian :

  • They are extremely well organized.
  • They love ideas.
  • They have a strong sense of justice and a drive to ensure that it is done.
  • They are fiercely protective.
  • Their temper is quick and dangerous.
  • They can have difficulty letting go of perfection and control.
  • People seek their advice and protection.
  • They prefer small groups over large parties.
  • They strongly dislike negative people.
  • They are sensitive to negative “vibes” in their environment.
  • They prefer to be monogamous.
  • They prefer quieter music.
  • They are always analyzing other people’s motives and behaviors.
  • They need periods of being alone.
  • They prefer to stay at home rather than travel.
  • They prefer pastures and farmland to the mountains or seaside.

One would connect with Oko to bring more structure, order, and organization into their lives. Oko can also help to defend what is ours, and those close to us, when we are threatened.

With Oko, as with many Orisa, there are some offerings that reconsidered taboo. With Oko you want to avoid liquor or anything that clouds clarity. Salt and saltwater also run contrary to the Oko energy as they destroy the fertility of the earth. Plant offerings to Oko should be natural, organic if possible. Food offerings are very appropriate as is, of course, honey.

Connecting regularly with the Oko energy will help you get organized and bring more order into your life. One of the best ways to connect with the Oko energy is through the Journey to Oko Vision Quest that you can listen to here. This is a Spotify Link. To use another music service search for artist Oluwo Brian Olanipekun.

You can also use this prayer to reach out to the energy. I hope you’ve enjoyed this exploration of Orisa Oko. Let me know how your connecting goes.

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