Orunmila Orisa of Wisdom and Knowledge

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December 27, 2017
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March 3, 2018

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Orunmila Orisa of Wisdom and Knowledge

Last month we explored my thoughts about Olodumare, or God. I thought that we would start moving through one Orisa every month so that you can understand more about these energies and how we work with them in Ifa.

Orunmila is the energy of wisdom and knowledge. Traditionally, he sits at the right hand of Olodumare. He is senior among the Orisa and is the energy used to initiate Ifa priests.

It is important to remember that the Orisa are not gods. They are energies, perhaps consciousnesses, if that works better for you. When we work with the Orisa we aren’t worshipping them, rather we’re connecting with them by identifying with the specific qualities they represent through prayer. By doing that we open our own energy matrix to the influence of a particular Orisa.

We work with Orunmila to seek guidance. Because Orunmila is the energy of all wisdom and knowledge his consciousness is aware of all possible outcomes, and the likely results of every action we might take. Therefore he is in charge of divination. It is through a very deep connection to Orunmila, received during initiation, that a priest is able to receive guidance from him through our divining tools.

Ifa divination does not attempt to predict the future. Through it we seek to understand the likely outcome of certain situations, or actions. That helps us figure out the right course of action in any given situation. Ifa divination simply helps us understand likely outcomes in order to guide us forward. It is about optimizing your growth, and achieving your destiny. We are expected to use the advice given to intelligently move through life.

You can think of Orumila’s energy as a high speed network that connects us to the infinite knowledge and wisdom of the Universe. But, much like Google, you need to know how to search in order to find what you’re looking for. Then you need to work to understand the response so that you can use it in your life.

While the Orisa may not be gods their consciousnesses are far deeper, and more powerful, than ours. Initiation does not make you wiser by default. It opens the door for you to access Orunmila’s wisdom to learn and growing wiser.

You must be ready to respectfully partner with Orunmila, finding a balance between common sense ,and looking to divination for guidance. If you simply go to Ifa for every decision you make you will not grow. While it would be foolish to make a major life decision without consulting with Orunmila, it is equally foolish to divine what you should have for breakfast.

You can use the prayer below to begin connecting with Orunmila. For an even deeper experience listen to the Journey to Orunmila Vision Quest here. This is a Spotify Link. To use another music service search for artist Oluwo Brian Olanipekun.

Click Here for the Prayer to Orunmila

I’d love to hear about your experiences with the Orunmila energy or any questions you might have. Please post them in the comments section.

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