The Winds of Change are Blowing. Learn to Embrace them Using the Energy of Oya

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The Winds of Change are Blowing. Learn to Embrace them Using the Energy of Oya

This month we’ll continue our exploration of the Orisa with Oya the Orisa of Sudden Change, Spirit of the Wind. Even if many of the qualities of the Oya energy resonate with you the only certain way to know who your guardian is, would be to have your Life Path read. Each of us has a connection to every Orisa, your Guardian Orisa isn’t necessarily the one you feel most akin to. If you’re interested in taking a big step forward towards living a Purpose Driven Life then click here to sign up for your Life Path Discovery Session.

Oya is connected to the Air element. She occurs in nature as wind. From gentle breezes, to the surgical strikes of tornadoes, even the devastation of the hurricane, they are all controlled by the energy we call Oya. In our lives her energy rules over the sudden changes that bring powerful growth in their wake. Oya is a warrior, most often depicted as a powerful, armed, woman, with her winds swirling about her. Oya is at home in any environment. Wind, after all, is present everywhere on our planet. We can feel her presence in cities where tall buildings create wind tunnels. While most often depicted as female it is important to remember that, like all Orisa, Oya has a balance of male and female energy. Although, in the case of Oya, it isn’t hard to notice her masculine traits.

Oya represents the power of change, the shifts that we need to move forward into the next phase of our lives. Embracing her energy requires us to pay attention. When her gentle wind is pushing us forward we must allow it, move with it. When the winds turn up, the force of a hurricane bringing us big picture changes or the strike of a tornado making corrections in one area of our lives, we must do our best to remain calm and sit at the center while the storm shifts our lives. Remember that Oya’s force always moves out the old and stale bringing us fresh new energy and ideas so that we can move forward again.

Windy places, whether they be at the seashore, or high on a mountain, are perfect places to connect with Oya. For those of us in cities, any windy spot is a great place to tune into the Oya energy. Oya is also there with us during our transition back to our ancestors. As such, graveyards are also a place where we can feel her presence.

Oya can help us when we feel stuck when a situation in our lives needs to shift but we aren’t sure how to make it happen. Working with the Oya energy will start the process of change. It is important to engage fully with the changes even if they are difficult. Once the process has started Oya’s winds will increase in intensity if we resist them. Be very certain of your willingness to embrace the path that Oya lays in front of you before working with her. Once her force is let loose it will bring you to where you need to go next. Kicking and screaming if need be.

Anything designed to be activated by the wind makes a great offering to Oya, pinwheels, streamers, wind chimes, are perfect. Music from any instrument that is played with the breath makes a great offering as does breath itself. I love spicy things for Oya, they stir things up and get them moving. Eggplant is a traditional offering. Her colors are black, dark purple, and burnt orange, her number is 9.

People who have chosen a specific Orisa as their guardian are referred to as children of that Orisa. While they may reflect many of the Orisa’s qualities, they don’t do it perfectly. Human beings are connected to all of the Orisa energies. Each of us has a unique balance based on those connections. That’s why you’ll find that children of any given Orisa are so different.

These are some of the qualities Oya’s children possess :

  • They have sudden bursts of anger.
  • They have been suddenly, and inexplicably, left by a partner.
  • They love thunder-storms and lightening.
  • Their lives are filled with sudden change.
  • They enjoy darker colors.
  • They have experience with, or sense of, the dead.
  • They are not bothered by funerals and cemeteries.
  • They are natural gardeners.
  • They are not afraid of physical combat.
  • They enjoy the company of strong people of the opposite sex.
  • They cannot tolerate deceit of any kind.
  • They have a natural dislike for flirty, flashy people.
  • They were difficult children.
  • They resent discipline or confinement.

One would connect with Oya to create or learn to flow with, change in their life. Oya is also warrior energy able to defend against the chaos that sometimes threatens us.

If you’re looking to embrace, or create, the change you need in order to grow, then connecting regularly with the Oya energy is the way to go. One of the best ways to connect with the Oya energy is through the Journey to Oya Vision Quest that you can access here. This is a Spotify Link. To use another music service search for artist Oluwo Brian Olanipekun.

You can also use this prayer to reach out to the energy. I hope you’ve enjoyed this exploration of Oya. Let me know how your connecting goes.

I’ve been a full-time life coach, and mentor, since 2007. I’ve helped clients: find new careers or enrich the ones they’re in; discover new love or renew a fading relationship; deal with the stresses of day to day living, and of course deepen into the spiritual dimension of life..