Time to Grow Up? Connect with Esu to Show You the Way.

Struggling with Getting Older? Engage Spiritually to Get Perspective.
January 2, 2021
Intergenerational Relationships in Ifa
February 24, 2021

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This month on the coaching blog we’re talking about men who want to stay boys. It got me thinking about an Ifa perspective on the topic. Our relationship with Esu can reflect a similar misunderstanding of life.

Esu is the energy of possibility and opportunity, often depicted as a little boy, playful, the trickster. Offerings of candy and toys are common. He fills us with excitement and wonder. But, he is only one aspect of the energy. Esu embodies all phases of life.

As a young man, he is a warrior, impulsive and strong. This is Esu, as the protector, and includes the energy of Sigidi.

Esu can also be an old man, wise and experienced. He understands the possibilities that flow through our lives and can help us make good choices.

Esu represents the maturing process. As we reach puberty he can show us the way to transition and become young men, warrior-adventurers, setting out to create a life. As we approach middle age he can help us embrace the ease and wisdom that come with our years. At any age, he can help us access all the aspects of ourselves, and express them when needed.

But, there are men who want to remain playful, and irresponsible forever. It’s like only seeing Esu as a little boy. If we hold on to youth we must also hold on to immaturity, preventing us from getting what we want in life. Leaving us feeling like failures as we compare ourselves to our peers. Causing us to focus on the superficial, until life starts to feel hollow.

Things that are easy when we’re young can have a much higher price as we get older. Drinking is a good example. When we’re young we recover quickly. As we get older recovery gets harder. There are also unseen consequences to our health. Drug use, late nights, even sexual promiscuity have a much higher price as we age.

Holding on to immature behavior doesn’t make us seem younger. To our peers, we appear to be desperately holding on to our youth. To younger men, we seem inauthentic, like we’re trying too hard. Sometimes acting your age is the right thing to do. Boy-like men can also be overly concerned with the signs of aging.

We can’t remain boys forever, but a drastic step in the other direction can be too much. Our best path forward is to work with a professional who can help us discover the man inside. It isn’t about losing the other aspects of yourself. It is about living in a way that affords you all the benefits of your years. You’ll never lose your access to the boy, and warrior, energies inside you. They’ll be there when you need them. But, bringing yourself into healthy balance will support wellness on all levels.

Working with Esu can be a great first step. Connect, and ask Esu to help you find balance with the man you are while preserving your access to more youthful energy. You can use this prayer or the Journey to Esu Vision Quest to get started.

The Esu energy opens our doors, paths, and roads to opportunity and possibility. The best way to have the energy run freely, and powerfully, through our lives, is to embrace who we really are, a balance of wise old man, fierce young warrior, and playful little boy.

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