Sexuality and Your Ori

Intergenerational Relationships in Ifa
February 24, 2021
Coming Out, It’s Your Destiny
April 29, 2021

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I’ve already done quite a bit of exploration around sexuality and Ifa. This month, to align with the coaching blog, I thought we’d take a look at it from a more personal perspective. Our sexuality may well be one of the most important aspects of our Ori or higher consciousness. Our Ori provides us with a road map to our destinies.

Before coming to the planet we make critical choices that define the learning and growth we’re here for. Those choices are stored in our Ori. Messages from our Ori can feel like intuition, inspiration, or sometimes drives we don’t understand. It is our job to explore what’s presented.

Many believe that sexuality comes online at puberty. As queer people, we know it operates much sooner. It’s the original source of our feelings of differentness, which can be powerful, and overwhelming. That differentness pushes us to express who we really are even in the face of rejection, and danger.

Given how hard that experience makes life for us, why would we choose it? For the same reason as any other destiny choice. Those challenges allow us to gain wisdom or knowledge we can’t find any other way. To understand what’s going on we need to dig deeper and ask the right questions.

Rather than questioning why you’re the way you are consider this line of inquiry: What has my feeling of differentness taught me? How has it empowered me? How have I let it hold me back? The answers may not be easy to find, but they’ll help you appreciate the value that awakening to your differentness has had.

Just because a destiny choice has brought adversity with it doesn’t mean it was a mistake. Adversity is among the greatest teachers. It forces us to develop inner strength. One of our overall goals as humans is to become more and more powerful expressions of the truths contained in our Ori. The challenges faced by queer folk in youth, and beyond, help us learn to bravely express our whole truth. They can help us understand and express our innermost core. That expression involves much more than our sexuality.

While our essence remains the same our understanding and expression of that essential truth shifts as we live our lives. I’m not suggesting we can change our sexuality. Decades of brutal, unethical, and ineffective conversion therapies have proven that it can’t be. Rather, I’m proposing that human sexuality is nuanced, and fluid.

I identify as gay. I’ve been attracted to men for as long as I can remember. I was about seven when it became apparent to me, even though I didn’t understand what it meant. I’ve recently noticed a natural attraction to trans men. As I’ve met more tans men, it has become a natural extension of my sexuality. It’s all about chemistry for me. I’m using myself as an example of sexuality shifting. Not because my orientation changed, but rather, when I was presented with a new possibility, it expanded. I’m attracted to a group of men I’d never considered before because I hadn’t met enough trans men to know.

Our sexuality is a powerful part of our destiny. When we don’t express the way most people do it’s even more potent. Allowing ourselves to embrace our truth, yet be fluid enough to allow for expansion gives us room to learn and grow as we mature and experience life. Embracing the destiny lessons inherent in our sexuality is something all queer people share. If we focus on the similarities between our journeys it can bond our diverse community together.