A word from my mentors:

Both my husband and I have gotten to really know Oluwo Brian over the past decade through regular weekly contact online and meetings in the sacred Orisa gardens a few times each year. Oluwo Brian is a man that has done the work to be here for you. He is brilliant. Very personable. Commits to you in a deep sincere way. Few people care like Brian does. His Ifa wisdom sphere encompasses a wealth of depth that can meet each person's specific space. We know he knows what he is doing and that he will do it with great integrity. We are so excited he has stepped up and elevated his Ifa-ing to include specializing in working with Gay and Bisexual men. So many need what he can offer. This is a great accomplishment and well deserved. He has taken his time to develop a very clear solid base which will enable each person who comes his way to elevate how their life vibrates. Ashe to you. Modupe, Iyanifa Vassa, Olufadeke and Oluwo Philip Neimark, Fagbamila

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"Since our session I have been absolutely blown away at how I've felt.  Things that would normally cause a flash of anger or frustration were nearly all, but diffused.  I didn't feel angry. I was able to respond with reason and understanding without first having to consciously control myself."  - Anthony

"Brian is engaging and definitely is very helpful on many issues. (The Aging Discovery Experience was)  very interesting and definitely to the point of what aging men are facing and or dealing with." - Denis

"I was amazed how easily and completely I've been able to clear emotions that I've dealt with my whole life. I used to spend time and energy managing them. But, now once they're cleared they're done." - Anthony

"I really enjoyed Brian’s presentation. The open discussion with other gay men. It shoed me that I could have a better self-image, accept myself more. It was fun and informative." - William

"I learned a lot about how people perceive body image and how to be more comfortable in my own body. Brian was very professional and presented interesting topics." - Jayson

"The changes have improved every area of my life. How I connect and react to other people has improved. The way I deal with my family in a reasonable, steady way.My responses are more "me centred". I feel empowered to do what I need to do." - AG

"Brian had a light-hearted approach. His presentation was flexible and open without allowing things to get too far off topic. The material was thought provoking, fun, and the suer community and gay men could relate to what he was saying. He is friendly and well informed, a great communicator. We’re looking forward to seeing him again soon." - Ben

"Brian provided positive encouragement on a sensitive topic. He is very professional and did a good job of guiding the open discussion." - Brent.

"Brian is a great guy. He is pleasant and his presentation was clear. The information was relevant and really helpful. He left me feeling like I am not alone." - Brian

"Brian really helped me sharpen my view of coming out. The material was very pertinent. He is an excellent presenter." - Art

"Hang ups that I had have become non-issues now.I wait for that familiar uncomfortable feeling and it's just not there. There's or to do as limiting beliefs surface but I have the tools to deal with them now."  - Anthony

"Brian Madigan leads by example and speaks from experience. His wisdom and guidance were invaluable in helping me transition my life and transform my reality. I am very happy, grateful and feel blessed to have been referred to such a unique and skilled professional.”- Ren