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In Ifa we work with a number of Universal energies known as the Orisa. We believe that everyone makes a series of choices before they’re conceived designed to help them achieve the learning and growth they’re looking for while on the planet. One of those choices is the Orisa whose energy they’re most powerfully connected to.

You chose the energy that would most likely assist you in achieving that growth which we call your destiny. The Guardian Orisa is like the sun sign in astrology but, after years of working with people, I’ve realized that it is perhaps more about the qualities which they need to develop in this lifetime rather than a reflection their personality.

It’s also important to remember that we humans have connections to all the Orisa energies. In fact we may have very strong connections to energies that are not our Guardian. That’s another reason many people don’t seem to reflect their Guardian’s qualities very well sometimes.

I’m a good example of that. My Guardian Orisa is Obatala, the Orisa of clarity. He represents the calm, cool, rational person which I have always aspired to be. But, no one in my circle who knew about the Orisa would ever have guessed my guardian correctly. Most would have though it was Osun for her sexuality and creativity and concern with aesthetics. Other’s would have thought Oya the energy of the wind, for her volatile nature ad love of change.

But, I chose my guardian based on the things that I needed to learn to express in this lifetime not on ones I already seemed to be innately comfortable with. As I’ve deepened my Ifa practice I have learned to understand and embrace Obatala in a much more profound way. I’ve learned to express the Obatala qualities that naturally arise, and to nurture others that seemed foreign to my disposition. The more deeply I’ve connected with the energy the more smoothly my life has gone.

Your Guardian Orisa, it would seem, is your path to your best self, not an expression of who you already are. This plays out clearly for many people I know. Ogun is the Orisa of hard work, his children are often either lazy, or have their need to work so out of balance that they exhaust themselves. Osun’s children often need to learn the lessons of joy, and curiosity that their Orisa brings to the table. Oya’s children to learn to embrace the constant cycles of change that dominate their lives rather than resisting them. Each Orisa brings lessons and benefits. It’s our job as Orisa practitioners to deepen our understanding of our chosen energy and to allow its qualities to influence our life more profoundly.

There’s a quiz on GayIfa.Com that can be helpful in predicting your most likely Guardian however the only way to know for certain which Orisa you chose is to have your Life Path read. In the context of the Life Path reading we look at the Odu (energy flow) you chose, as well as your Guardian Orisa and the energies that flow the area of your life you’re most challenged by.

If you’re curious about what Ifa has to say about you and your journey through life click this link to sign up for your Life Path Discovery session. It’s absolutely free and with no obligation. Hopefully we’ll be exploring together soon.