The Orisa

Your Guardian Ancestor
May 29, 2018
Obatala – Orisa of Clarity
July 31, 2018

The Orisa

We’ve already explored Orunmila and Ela but this month I thought it would be interesting to look at the Orisa in general before we dig deeper into each one. One of the greatest misunderstandings about Ifa is that it has many gods. But, the Orisa, the eternal forces of nature, are not gods. They are energies, created by the one Source, Olodumare. We are able to connect with these energies in order to bring our selves into closer relationship with them, and what they represent. That connection allows us deepen into our own nature, and balance it with complimentary energies when we need to.

It’s said that there are 401 Orisa in total. In practice we work with far fewer. The primary Orisa are :

  • Orunmila (Wisdom and Knowledge), connect daily.
  • Ela (Wisdom in action), connect daily
  • Obatala (Clarity, connect on Sunday)
  • Oko (Organization), connect on Sunday
  • Yemonja/Olokun (Stern Nurturing, the Ocean), connect on Monday
  • Ogun (Focus), connect on Tuesday
  • Ochosi (Communication), connect on Tuesday
  • Onile (the Biosphere), connect on Tuesday
  • Oya (Sudden Change, The Wind), connect on Wednesday
  • Sango (Strategy, Fire, The Sun), connect on Thursday
  • Osun (Joy, Fresh Water), connect on Friday
  • Osain (Healing, Plants, connect on Friday)
  • Esu (Gate Keeper, Opportunity, Possibility), connect on Saturday
  • Sigidi (Protection), connect on Saturday

As you can see each Orisa has its own qualities. Each also has a day of the week when we would connect with it. There are many more qualities associated with each Orisa. There are also traditional stories that illuminate the positive, and negative, aspects of each energy.

We actively work with the Orisa energies to bring balance to our lives. For instance, if you wanted to bring more joy into your life you would work with the energy known as Osun. Osun is the energy of rivers, and all fresh water. The energy is most often depicted as female. But, all the Orisa are perfectly balanced containing both masculine and feminine, light and dark, expressions within themselves. Osun also represents flow, joy, curiosity, exploration, and love. Simply connecting with this energy, in its purest form, will bring you more joy.

Offerings can also be given to create a more specific kind of connection. If the joy you’re looking for is most likely to come form more sweetness you might offer honey; for more excitement you might choose something hot like chilies; for more flow you might offer oil to smooth your path. The offering effects the kind of connection you make. It allows you to connect with a specific aspect of the Orisa you’re working with. Remember, we are not worshipping the Orisa when we make offerings. We are making an energetic connection that will positively impact our own state.

One of the best ways for you to explore the various Orisa energies is the Orisa Vision Quest tracks. You’ll find a link to them below. You can build your Ifa practice by starting to connect with the Orisa on their designated days. Build up to making daily connections if you’d like. If you’ve had your Life Path read, then start with your Guardian Orisa and build your practice from there.

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