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In Ifa we believe in a single creative force called Olodumare. It is the Yoruba word for God. I use them interchangeably. In other words Ifa is monotheistic.

Olodumare Is in Everything, and Part of Everything.

We believe that the universe, in it’s entirety, is continually emerging from this single source. Olodumare is in everything, and part of everything. For that reason the we do not worship Olodumare directly.

Because of its shamanic nature many people find this confusing. What’s important to remember is that unlike many other traditional systems Ifa does not treat the Orisa, or the ancestors, as gods. They are simply natural forces that were created by Olodumare as part of the perfect order of the benevolent universe.

There are times when you will hear the occasional Ifa practitioner, and many who practice Santeria, asking for blessings from Olodumare. It is our belief that the ancient Yoruba never did this. Praying to the creator was likely introduced when Christianity moved into Africa and was then reenforced with the arrival of Islam.