Your Ancestors the Third Pillar on which You Stand

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April 6, 2018
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May 29, 2018

Your ancestors, the third pillar on which you stand.

Your Ancestors - The Third Pillar on which You Stand

This month we’ll be exploring your ancestors. In Ifa we stand on three pillars that provide a stable foundation. The first pillar is our Ori. The second pillar is the Orisa. The third pillar is our ancestors, the relatives who have contributed to our DNA. .

Between visits to the planet we reside in the land of the ancestors. Earth is referred to as the marketplace, where we come for the experience of its possibilities and limitations. Our destiny, the reason we’re here, is to find growth.

There is a stream of ancestral energy that flows from their reality to ours. We are in communication with the ancestors all the time, even though we might not be aware of it. We receive guidance as intuition, or in dreams. Many of us have also taken on lineage work as part of our destinies. Lineage work is still personal, but it has implications to the entire bloodline. It is one of the ways that our time here contributes to the bigger picture.

What is an ancestor? An ancestor is any blood relative who has passed. You likely have some relatives who’ve died who weren’t good people when they were alive. It is important to remember that when we pass we shed our human personalities. Unresolved issues are carried with us to be resolved later. The rest of us dissolves into pure energy. When you connect with mean aunt Sally you’ll notice that the meanness has disappeared.

Adoptees can find the concept of the ancestors challenging. I’m adopted, I get it. Even for us, the ancestral connection is about blood relatives. When I started, it felt weird to connect with people I knew nothing about. I also felt like I was betraying my maternal grandparents who had passed away. As my connection with my lineage developed I realized that my grandparents were still there for me. Available in much the same way other ancestors are. But, their role with me is different. I still feel their love and support, but, my journey is more intimately tied to my bloodline.

Ancestor connection brings us a great deal of information. It also provides support and guidance. The ancestors are always there to assist us. But we need to ask. Reaching out is simple. All you need is a single white candle and a glass of water. you can use the ancestor prayer I’ve included below as a starting point or, for an even more powerful experience, start with the Journey to the Land of the Ancestors Vision Quest. You’ll find a link at the bottom of the post.

One of the most powerful ways to develop your relationship with your ancestors is through the seven-day ancestor connection. It's usually done once a month. Start with the ancestor prayer or vision quest to connect, then sit with their energy for at least 13 minutes. Allow yourself to experience their presence. Do this every day, at the same time, for a week. Regular practice is the best way to fast track your connection. Make the commitment and see what your ancestors can bring to your life. .

Click Here for the Ancestors Prayer

For an even deeper connection you can listen to the Journey to the Land of the Ancestors Vision Quest here. This is a Spotify Link. To use another music service search for artist Oluwo Brian Olanipekun.

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